Baldwinco Properties

Good Neighbor Policy

Baldwin Properties is a professional fee based manager of scattered site commercial, residential and multifamily properties. We do not own properties, we manage properties for investors on a fee basis.

Our company manages properties in dozens of neighborhoods throughout the Piedmont Triad. We have provided these services since our founding in 1928.

Our company has a proud history of improving properties and neighborhoods in the communities we serve. We want to be good neighbors and we appreciate good neighbors.

As Good Neighbors, we strive to always:

  • obtain a criminal report on our prospective tenants and not rent to tenants that do not meet our criterion. Our policies weigh heavily against renting to prospects with felony convictions, drug or sex crime convictions.
  • review credit information and landlord references as part of our screening process. We are 100% committed to offering properties in compliance with Fair Housing and we do not discriminate based on race, color, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status.
  • inform our tenants about the terms of our residential Rental Agreement and accompanying “Rules and Regulations”. These contracts call for our tenants to comply with the law and to maintain their homes in a safe and sanitary condition. For single-family residences the tenant is responsible for lawn care including mowing and raking leaves.
  • enforce our Rules and Regulations: As a “scattered site property manager” we manage thousands of properties throughout the Triad. We can not be everywhere, all the time. We appreciate feedback from concerned neighbors and assure you we will follow-up appropriately. Due to privacy and contractual concerns, please know that we are not always able to communicate with outside parties as to what steps we are taking to address your concerns. If our tenants are found to be in violation of their Rental Agreement, and the violations are not remedied in a timely manner, we will evict the tenant.
  • provide housing that is in compliance with the City Housing Code. We strive to maintain and improve the properties in our portfolio. If Code Violations are found, we work to remedy them in a timely manner.
  • comply with zoning: we do not manage boarding houses or any non-compliant residential properties.

Appreciate and respect our neighbors in all of the communities we serve.